ANZCOP 2017 are delighted to announce the following confirmed speakers.  Additional speakers will be announced in due course.

Keynote Speakers



Alain Aspect

Augustin Fresnel Professor at Institut d’Optique Graduate School

Title: From Hong-Ou-Mandel to Bell with atom and photon pairs: two modes vs. four modes entanglement

(For more information on Alain and his work click here)



Ewa Goldys

Macquarie University, Australia

Title: Light, Camera, Action – Using Light to Measure Biomolecules, Cells, Tissues and Organisms





Gerd Leuchs

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany

(To learn more about Gerd’s work click here)





Albert Polman

Frew Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences – FOM-AMOLF Amsterdam 

(For more information on the Geoffrey Frew Fellowship click here and to read Albert’s biography click here)




 Confirmed Invited Speakers



Rana Adhikari 

California Institute of Technology, USA

Title: LIGO Interferometry: Going beyond the Standard Quantum Limit





Takao Aoki

Waseda University Japan

Title: Nanofiber resonator for a cavity QED network





Andrea Blanco-Redondo

University of Sydney

Title: New regimes with nanophotonics: exotic solitons and topological edge states.





Howard Carmichael

University of Auckland

Title: Catching a Quantum Jump Mid-Flight in a Superconducting Circuit: A Quantum Trajectory Simulation





Denitza Denkova

Macquarie University

Title: Upconversion nanoparticles based sub-diffraction imaging





Ursula Gibson

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Title: Transition-metal doped ZnS thin films for nonlinear optics in the near infrared






Sergey Kruk

Australian National University

Title: Metasurfaces for the next-generation optics

Winner of the Geoff Opat ECR prize




Sile Nic Chormaic

OIST Japan

Title: Particle Trapping and Manipulation using Near-Field Optics





Noriaki Ohmae 


Title: Frequency comparison of optical lattice clocks





Scott Papp


Title: Optical synthesis with photonic-chip Kerr frequency combs





Anna Peacock

University of Southampton

Title: In-Fiber Silicon Photonics






Stojan Radic

University of California

Title: Noise-Inhibited Cavityless Parametric Mixers 





Cindy Regal

JILA University of Boulder

Title: Towards a quantum electro-optic converter through micromechanical motion




Daniel Rodrigo Lopez

ICFO, Spain

Title: Advanced micro-nano-structured optical surfaces for display and sensing






Ann Roberts

University of Melbourne

Title: Progress in nanophotonic approaches to optical information processing





Birgit Stiller

The University of Sydney

Title: Extending bandwidth and capacity of a Brillouin-based memory for light





Luc Thevenaz

EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Title: Distributed fibre sensors using Brillouin scattering: the way to go farther, sharper and faster





Peter Veitch

University of Adelaide

Title: Wavefront sensors and adaptive optics for gravitational wave detectors






Jon-Paul Wells

University of Canterbury

Title: Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes

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