Equity & Diversity


The conference will be run in accordance with the Equity and Diversity policies of the Australian Optical Society. The AOS policy is available here

We would also like to draw attention to the Family Friendly policy, which has been adopted for this conference, whereby support is available to assist those presenting at the conference who care for young children. This support extends to childcare assistance, advice on local facilities, and several other ways in which the attendance of presenters with family responsibilities can be facilitated. For information on ways to apply for this support please contact Frederique Vanholsbeeck (f.vanholsbeeck@auckland.ac.nz).

Code of Ethics

We note the Code of Ethics of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and expect participants in the conference to abide by this code.

If you witness any breaches of this code, in particular discrimination or harassment, you are encouraged to immediately inform the alleged violator that their comments or behaviour are unwelcome. Individuals may be unaware that their conduct is offensive and are often willing to moderate their behaviour if so informed.

However, please note that you are not required to directly address or confront a person you believe is discriminating against or harassing you or another person. You may wish to report the incident to one of these persons:-

  • Conference chair (John Harvey)
  • Programme co-chairs (Frederique Vanholsbeeck and Harald Schwefel)

If the situation cannot be resolved locally, the matter may be referred to the RSNZ for consideration by their Ethics Panel, if appropriate.

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